Mike Behr

Mike Behr

Vice President/Strategy and Brand Development of GRA | MATR

With over 21 years of diverse experience, Mike is a true “Big Picture Guy” – part management consultant, part communications integrator and part brand architect. He is a proven entrepreneur having started or co-founded four companies. During the past twelve years Mike has had leadership roles at a handful of marketing agencies. Client work includes Blue Cross Blue Shield, Best Buy, Charter Communications, American Enterprise Group, Monsanto, Savvis, Nestle, Sigma Aldrich, St. John’s Mercy Healthcare, St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, St. Louis Regional Chamber and Growth Association, St. Louis Science Center and a number of start-up companies.

Mike spent the first eight years of his career at one of the nation’s largest retailers, May Department Store Company (which later merged with Macy’s). At May he lead corporate buying activities across all store division in a variety of merchandising categories; from Mens Apparel, to Cosmetics, to Juniors. Additionally, he worked in product development for private label brands, increased efficiencies and effectiveness of direct mail operations in the marketing department and served as a special analyst for the President and CEO of May Merchandising.

  • Click With Me Now’s Unfair Advantage

    May 6, 2013 by Mike Behr

    When the boss’ son becomes the next CEO of the company, they call that nepotism. When the co-founder of a startup also owns a proven brand-engagement agency, they call that good planning. Three years ago, GRA | MATR worked closely with a health insurance company to launch the first online only Medicare Supplement insurance company. But in undertaking this engagement, we discovered a void in…

    • A Tale of Two Brands

      April 12, 2012 by Mike Behr

      The Impact of Customer Complaint Resolution As a wise colleague of mine used to preach “every interaction with your brand is a chance to keep or break your brand promise.” Resolving customer complaints, issues or disputes is one of those types of interactions. And while trying to placate disgruntled customers is as old as commerce itself, in this age of social media, how well (or…